About Us

What we do

Innovation Studio enables clients reinvent their businesses with powerful tools and methods focus on Salesforce solutions and environment. Moreover, Innovation Studio aims to help companies that want to succeed their digital transformation to get more value about their innovation process.

How we do it

Firstly, Innovation Studio try to understand our customer difficulties and propose the best approach and adaptive solution. Then, Innovation Studio intends to develop tangible solutions, not just ideas, and therefore seek to remain active throughout the whole innovation process, going beyond the ideation stage where possible. We are application-oriented and dedicated to the development of real solutions. Innovation Studio enables clients to try things out on a small scale, prototype, test and accept taking risks as part of progress. We apply a wide range of methods and tools such as design thinking, open innovation, crowdsourcing and human-centric design to stimulate creativity, guide discussions, moderate collaboration, as well as develop, prototype and experiment solutions. Innovation Studio engages a wide range of participants, cutting across the boundaries of industries, expertises, and cultures to bring together an unusual bunch of people to fuel collective creativity and imagine the impossible.