Sunday 16th September  

5pm - 7pm | 22 Rothschild Bvd, Tel Aviv

Meet | Drink | Friends | Salesforce | Developer | Mobile | Platform | Success  

Why Digital Talent Meetup ?

BayBridgeDigital is looking for great talents - young graduates or professionnals with broad career experience, all of them marked out by their sense of commitment and teamwork. 


About BayBridgeDigital 

BayBridgeDigital is an innovative global consulting company headquartered in New York with offices in Paris, London and its Technology Hub in Tel Aviv. BayBridgeDigital helps companies in diverse industries do what they do better through an ever-evolving suite of digital transformation services including e-commerce, digital marketing, mobile solutions, business insights and analytics, artificial intelligence, salesforce integration, software development, and digital transformation.

You will be hosted by 

Yonathan Gottlieb

Vice President Technology Hub - Israel 

Abigail Schirmann

Vice President Retail & CPG

Ready for an exciting new challenge?