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Baybridgedigital is IDAN® Leading Partner

Innovation & Digital Acceleration Network (IDAN®) is a global network of digital consulting, technology companies and Digital pure players fully dedicated to digital transformation.

Today, membership of the network has risen to 8 companies with advisors, innovators, digital architects who operate across the world.

We extend our advisory, technology, and business capabilities through strategic partners and a powerful alliance network of market leaders, innovators, and foundations. Together, thanks to the IDAN® we provide our clients, partners, and employees the best-specialized skills and a fantastic network of synergies and opportunities.

Members are in many ways closer to the real transformations initiatives and are able to impact and influence the future.

Innovation & Digital Acceleration Network members

  • share a common vision of the digital transformation
  • leverage Design led approaches
  • are true innovators
  • has a strong technology expertise
  • share common best practices
  • share projects and methodologies
  • are committed to being a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • provide employee volunteer support to foundations, non-profit organization or NGO.