Blockchain Data Studio


The power of Blockchain connected to your Salesforce Business

Blockchain provides a new way for sharing data between network participants in a trusted way and can provide significant cost saving as well as many other avenues for additional business value.  But there’s a big problem that organizations that are experimenting with or implementing Blockchain run in to; this new data is sitting on a Blockchain, not connected to their users. As a result Blockchain Data Studio is  the first Blockchain to be used at an industrial level thanks to salesforce ecosystem. Our challenge with The Blockchain Data Studio is to create an out-of-box solution for data connected to business systems such as Salesforce The Blockchain Data Studio will help companies achieve two main objectives.

  • It addresses the issue of consumers and the arrival of GDPR. More than ever the protection of consumers’ personal data is a priority for companies. For GDPR compliance, Blockchain brings transparency to the issue of opt-ins and to the way consumers can manage their data.
  • It secures the exchange of data.
Data owners are wary of sharing data and are concerned about data leakage. As such, they want to control what data they share with different parties. The Blockchain Data Studio enables timestamps heightening the security of data exchanges.