Why you should visit us during the Salesforce Basecamp Tel Aviv | June 13th 2018

In a few weeks, Tel Aviv Convention Center will be home to the Salesforce Basecamp. If you’re a customer of Salesforce, or just interested in the latest trends and technologies, the Basecamp is the place to be.  

Salesforce events have always been viewed as one of the most innovative events. The events have always had inspiring keynote speakers, bringing you the latest trends and innovations. As a visitor, you are in for an inspirational day in which you will be inspired to try new ideas and learn about the latest trends and innovations in technology. As an organization, you are in for a treat when you present yourself at the Salesforce World Tour. You will meet a lot of peer customers and the inspiration and information you and your colleagues receive will help you improve your business.  

Meet us at the Salesforce Basecamp Tel Aviv. 

Date and time: Wednesday, June 13th from 9:00 to 17:00  

Location: Tel Aviv Convention Center - Ganey Hataarukha - Pavilion 2 Rokach Blvd 101 Tel Aviv-Yafo

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