08/03/2018, 03:54 PM

BayBridgeDigital is currently seeking a results-driven Web Developer to join our growing team. In this role, you will be responsible for providing quality solutions that meet development requirements in support of our different projects.

The ideal candidate will bring our collective creative vision to reality through the authoring of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (both server and client side). The right candidate will thrive in a collaborative environment and can advocate for exceptional solutions that are in the best interest of the client.

BA/B.Sc. in Computer Science or equivalent from a known institution.

* knowledge and understanding of client-side architecture and experience in building large scale web applications.

* Hands-On knowledge in client side & server side developmentTechnologies

* Work with DevOps automation approachesClient Side:

* JavaScript OOP, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, JQuery, JSON, Ajax.

* using frameworks – advantage

* Understanding of security, cross-browser, cross-platform issues and accessibility standards.

* Responsive-web-design development.

* Experience with mobile web application development.

* Experience with Bootstrap Server side

* Relational Databases (MySQL / MS-SQL / Oracle),

* Integrations Experience with building and consuming REST APIs

* Experience with asynchronous programming in promises, generators, or callbacks

* Experience with unit testing and integration testing of server- and client-side JavaScript

* Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on the company’s success

* Critical thinker and problem-solving skills

* Team player

* Team Leader

* Good time-management skills

* Interpersonal and communication skills


About BayBridgeDigital:

BayBridgeDigital is a game changing new company that drives digital transformation to create new growth and business value faster. BayBridgeDigital connect organizations, brands, technology and people through design-driven transformation, creating amazing customer experiences and building digital products BayBridgeDigital operates in America, Europe and Emerging Markets through its offices in New York, London, Paris and Tel Aviv.