BayBridgeDigital is a game changing new company that drives digital transformation to create new growth and business value faster. ​We connect organizations, brands, technology and people through design-driven transformation, creating amazing customer experiences and building digital products.  

BayBridgeDigital helps companies in diverse industries do what they do better through an ever-evolving suite of digital transformation services including e-commerce, digital marketing, mobile solutions, business insights and analytics, artificial intelligence, Salesforce integration, software development and digital transformation.  

BayBridgeDigital is headquartered in Paris with offices in New York and London and its technology hub in Tel Aviv. 

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"BeCareLink provides quantitative measurements of kinetics and cognition, using data and AI, that improve patient care. BaybridgeDigital is the right partner to guide our digital needs and create a scalable platform as more patients and hospitals use our technology solutions”  

Larry Rubin, New York, Chairman & CTO at BecareLink

"Nous sommes impressionnés par la vision stratégique et la capacité d'innovation dans le commerce digital de BayBridgeDigital. Les équipes de Baybridgedigital sont de vrais partenaires de la transformation."  

Richard Fettaya, Paris, Directeur General de IRO  

"Digital technology continues to disrupt markets beyond recognition. Yet the adoption by traditional businesses is painfully slow, hampered by a staccato supply chain of siloed vendors. BayBridgeDigital signals the start of an exciting new era in how business can leverage digital technology to shape markets to their advantage. For the first time, digital technology will be designed created and implemented by one team, with one thing in mind – transforming business for success."  

Mark Goldstone, New York, CEO at Freyeur & Trogue

"We are delighted to have BaybridgeDigital as a portfolio company, we strongly believe that this will enhance our ecosystem with a solution that will cover a large audience for our companies, it will enhance the B to C part of our businesses. We also believe that is will make BaybridgeDigital a world leader in digital healthcare."  

Mohammed Jamal, London, Co-founder of Forepont Group

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